Indy Controls LLC is an independent controls company that specializes in the design, installation, and servicing of Building Automation Systems and Direct Digital Control for HVAC, ventilation, and lighting in all types of commercial and industrial applications. Indy Controls LLC is an authorized and certified Honeywell WEBs-AX contractor. We provide facilities managers with an easy-to-access and easier-to-use system with increased productivity and lower installation and maintenance costs.

Indy controls can replace, upgrade, expand, or retrofit your existing systems. We can replace Trane, Siebe, Invensys, Allerton, Automated Logix, Computrols, Johnson, Carrier, KMC, Siemens, or any other Brand DDC and we also can retrofit pneumatic systems with complete DDC control or partial DDC controls while reusing some of the pneumatic valves and actuators to keep cost down.

The advantage to Honeywell WEBs-AX is that it is an open system and will not lock you down to one service provider. We provide you with full administrative privileges and a complete backup of all programs. 

The system is WEB based and there is no software, license, or upgrade fees necessary to access it from any modern Windows based PC at any time.

If you are a property manager, building owner, facilities engineer, contractor or anyone who would like to improve comfort and control, and manage energy consumption at a facility, call Indy Controls today for a free analysis or estimate.